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# Eyebrow Cream in Adibi Salon & Spa …? … very natural … don’t you need to bother drawing eyebrows again ???
  • May be directly exposed to water
  • Aftercare is very easy
  • High quality premium pigments that are not heavy metal … not turning into red or blue
  • 100% vegan pigments
  • Using disposable tools for each client
  • Using best quality numb cream

Special embroidery :

  • get 10% disc for embroidery 1 org
  • get 20% disc for embroidery 2 org
  • get 30% disc for embroidery 3 org

hurry booking …

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Our Remarkable Service

Eyebrow Embroidery/  Sulam Alis

Eyebrows are frame of the face. Face become more beautiful, with eyebrow shape that correspond to the face. Embroidery with the latest technique, eyebrow will be ready within 1.5 hour. So you don’t need to bother everyday.

Embroidery Techniques

  • PhiBrow
  • 6D
  • Korean Shading
  • Microblading mix Misty Powder
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eyeliner embroidery

With eyeliner embroideries , your eyes become sharper and beautiful

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crystal lip embroidery

Eliminating black lips,
forming the lip becomes more beautiful, and
give color to the lips

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Hair Shading

Hair shading is the application technique of embroidery on the head which aims to make the fine lines that serves to disguise a scar on head, cover up thin hair / bald, camouflage large forehead.

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Everything you need from head to toe

Hair Curling & Hair Extension

Hair Curling Our Adibi Salon experienced stylist can give you advice which style look the best for you from many style to choose from, and which...

Body Treatment & Massage

Body & Bath Treatments Body Massage help your muscles to relax from exhaustion. Stiff muscles that may hamper the smooth circulation of blood...


A facial is a family of skin care treatments for the face, including steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and...

Eyelash Curling & Eyelash Extension

Japanese Anti Bacterial Eyelash Extension Most women don’t have the time or patience to apply fake eyelashes every day. So it’s no surprise that...

Manicure Pedicure, Nail Art & Nail Extension

With a complete formulation for your skin look whiter, healthy and glowing. Manicure A manicure is a cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails...

Skin Care, Waxing And Bleaching

Get Smooth and White Skin With Our Waxing and Bleaching Services Australian Waxing Looking for an experienced professional to help you get that...

Keratin Smoothing & Coco Keratin Treatment

Keratin Smoothing The latest breakthrough in hair straightening, making hair becomes straight, soft, shiny, and healthier. Straightening process...

Hair Treatment

Creambath We all know that smoothing, straightening, curling, and coloring can damage our hair (dry, dull, crushed, etc) and lead to hair...

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what people say about us

Eyelashes by Adibi Salon, Thank you bagus banget.

Dita Karmila

Sulam Alis Microblading.. Lebih kelihatan natural alami.. Like it.. Thank You Adibi Salon

Liem Felicia
Best Deals

Special Pricing

Rp. 2.000.000
Sulam Eyeliner
Rp. 3.000.000
Sulam Bibir Phibrows
Rp. 2.500.000
Sulam Bibir Crystal
Rp. 3.500.000
Sulam Alis Phibrows
Rp. 150.000
Keriting Bulu Mata
Rp. 800.000 – 1.200.000
Smoothing Keratin Sedang
Rp. 700.000 – 800.000
Smoothing Keratin Pendek
Rp. 600.000 - 3.000.000
Spa Digital Wave
Rp. 3.500/bj
Pasang Hair Extension
Rp. 2.500/bj
Lepas Hair Extension
Rp. 500.000 - 1.000.000
Keriting Biasa
Rp. 2.500.000 - 4.000.000
Hair Shading
Rp. 500.000/set (20 helai)
Hair Extension
Rp. 700.000 - 900.000
Colour Biasa Sedang
Rp. 550.000 - 700.000
Colour Biasa Pendek
Rp. 900.000 - 1.200.000
Colour Biasa Panjang
Rp. 1.000.000 - 1.200.000
Colour Ash Sedang
Rp. 800.000 - 1.000.000
Colour Ash Pendek
Rp. 1.500.000 - 2.000.000
Colour Ash Panjang
Rp. 750.000 - 800.000
Hair Glossy Sedang
Rp. 600.000 - 700.000
Hair Glossy Pendek
Rp. 800.000 - 900.000
Hair Glossy Panjang
Rp. 100.000
Cutting Cowok
Rp. 125.000
Cutting Cewek
Rp. 75.000
Cutting Anak Cowok
Rp. 80.000
Cutting Anak Cewek
Rp. 225.000
Facial SOTYS
Rp. 90.000
Facial Sari Ayu
Rp. 100.000
Rp. 300.000
Facial Mikro
Rp. 100.000
Rp. 300.000
Facial Gold
Rp. 300.000
Facial Detox
Rp. 300.000
Facial Berlian
Rp. 400.000
BB Glow
Rp. 140.000
Warm Stone Massage
Rp. 300.000
Spa Body Contour
Rp. 195.000
Mandi Strawberry
Rp. 215.000
Mandi Rempah
Rp. 195.000
Mandi Lulur / Susu
Rp. 215.000
Mandi Kopi
Rp. 215.000
Mandi Coklat
Rp. 275.000
Body Spa Whitening
Rp. 240.000
Body Spa Teh Hijau
Rp. 275.000
Body Spa Sensual
Rp. 40.000
Scrub Biasa
Rp. 70.000
Scrub Bamboo
Rp. 100.000
Reflexi 60 Menit
Rp. 100.000
Nail Tip
Rp. 360.000
Nail Extention
Rp. 100.000
Nail Art
Rp. 40.000
Masker Kaki



Paket 7
Rp. 525.000
Paket 7

Spa Body Countour
Hair Spa Loreal
Meni Pedi

Paket 6
Rp. 500.000
Paket 6

Spa Body Whitening
Hair Spa Loreal
Meni Pedi

Paket 5
Rp. 435.000
Paket 5

Spa Whitening / Sensual
Facial Biocos / Latulip / Rista
Hair Spa Loreal

Paket 4
Rp. 430.000
Paket 4

Mandi Susu / Lulur
Hair Spa Loreal
Meni Pedi

Paket 3
Rp. 400.000
Paket 3

Mandi Spa Green Tea
Hair Spa Loreal
Facial Biokos/Latulip

Paket 2
Rp. 360.000
Paket 2

Mandi Susu / Lulur
Hair Spa Loreal
Facial Biocos / Latulip

Paket 1
Rp. 355.000
Paket 1

Mandi kopi/coklat.
Facial Biokos/Latulip/Ristra

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Adibi Salon is a salon that was pioneered by Mrs. Kompyang Pariadnyani (Jero Melati) since 2002, and is a pioneer Sulam Alis in Bali.
Adibi Salon is always leading in technique and style Embroidery Eyebrows, Lips Embroidery, Embroidery Eyeliner present.

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Mon – Sun: 9 AM – 8 PM


Jl. Letda Tantular No.51 Renon, Dauh Puri Kelod,
Denpasar, Bali 80232, Indonesia

Email: contact@adibisalon.com
Phone: +62 361 230090, 0851 0044 0022


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