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Skin Care, Waxing And Bleaching – Adibi Salon
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Get Smooth and White Skin With Our Waxing and Bleaching Services

Australian Waxing

Looking for an experienced professional to help you get that smooth bikini line and sensitive areas without feeling unnecessary pain and discomfort?
Try our Australian Waxin service for a comfortable, effective, extensive and hygienic experience today.

Silky smooth results are easily achieved using high quality hard stripless wax that is different from the old conventional honey or sugar wax. Not only is hard strapless wax cooler in temperature, it prevents skin surface tissue damage and a less painful sensation compared to common honey wax used by many other waxing salon.

Our waxing usually performed with heated wax applied to the skin.
Strips of cloth are then smoothed firmly over the wax.
Once the wax has hardened sufficiently, the strip is very quickly peeled off the skin, taking the unwanted body-hair with it.

Body Bleaching

Many of us deal with uneven skin tone for one reason or another. Whether it be acne scarring, age spots, dark circles under the eyes, or some other skin condition, you may notice blotches and blemishes on your skin.

Maybe you have seen commercial skin whitening cream, scar bleaching cream or cream for bleaching age spots, but it is hard to know which ones will work and which ones won’t. If you are interested in lightening skin tone on your face, then here is some information you need to know.


What is body/skin bleaching?

Skin bleaching or skin whitening is when you use a chemical agent to reduce blemishes, age spots, freckles, or other skin conditions.
These creams and products work to reduce the pigment in your skin which allows for a more even skin tone. While there are several medications on the market for bleaching skin at home, not all of these products will work or be healthy for you in the long run.

Feel free to consult with our experienced staff which is the best method for your skin.

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Skin Care

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